The History Of Embroidery!

Embroidery process of using of decorative fabric and other various materials through the use of threading a needle to apply thread or yarn to a piece of fabric. Embroidery is not limited to a thread or other thick fabrics but can also feature pearls, beads, quills, and sequins. For more information on Embroidery through the ages, read on!

Ancient Embroidery

Embroidery has been in use by humans for over 30,000 years! The earliest reports of embroidery can be found during the cro-magnon period, with reports of embroidered shells stitched onto animal hides that have been found in Siberia that date back to 6,000 BC. While embroidery is believed to have come from Asia and the middle east. Throughout the Middle East embroidery had become an important symbol for royal and wealthy individuals. Embroidery could be found on items such as handkerchiefs, flags, uniforms, robes, horse trappings, pouches, and covers.

Industrial Embroidery

By the 18th century, embroidery was a common skill in England and its colonies, for both nobles and the working class. With the rise of the industrial revolution came the embroidery machine. With mass production affecting a variety of industries, embroidered apparel was now much more accessible and cheaper to buy in bulk!

Modern Embroidery

Today Embroidery is less of a status symbol and more of a branding and recognition symbol. Embroidery can be applied to a variety of clothing, gear, apparel, and more! With modern machinery, bulk orders can be handled in a fraction of the time that it used to. Embroidery can be great for corporate apparel, foundations, charities, and family outings, learn how embroidery can help give your brand some definition!


Branding Apparel can be great for a variety of occasions such as job fairs, trade shows, or making sure your team looks official at all times. Embroidery and screen printing are both very good options for a variety of projects. Once you decide what the item is that you want to put your logo or design onto, you’ll be able to better decide which method to choose. For more information about NE Design’s custom design screen printing, embroidery services, branding, t-shirts, and apparel services, or for answers to general questions please contact us, or call us directly at (617) 247 2028!

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