Should I Choose Screen printing or Embroidery Services?

If you’re thinking about getting some customized apparel for your brand, team, school, work, or anything else, you might be wondering what the best route to go is: screen printing or embroidery?  Choosing the right option for your project can be tricky, so we’ve laid out a few of the advantages and disadvantages of each so you can make the right choice.


Embroidery is created by using thread to sew an image onto an item of clothing, usually jackets, hats, or other thicker material. It can use a variety of colors and styles and can be used to create virtually any design. Here are the pros and cons:


  • Embroidery is durable. It will last a long time and, as long as it is done correctly and by a professional, it should not come loose or snag, even with lots of wearing, washing, and drying. The colors are usually very slow to fade, so your design will stay looking fresh for a long time.
  • The design stands out. Using threading to complete your design means that the lines are tight and crisp. And because sometimes there is overlap with the threading, your design may even have a thicker feel to it, which will definitely bring you needed attention to your logo.


  • It can be expensive. A lot of embroidery is charged by thread count, so the larger your design is, the more expensive it will be. So while embroidery is perfect for smaller designs, a larger project could become quite costly.
  • It can get heavy. Again, if you are choosing a large design, the amount of threading can add unwanted weight to your item. This is why embroidery is best done on heavier fabrics, like materials for jackets, bags, towels, or hats. T-shirts will often fit strangely if there is large embroidery on it.

Screen Printing

If you find that embroidery may not be right for your project, you might want to consider screen printing.  This process uses special ink and other chemicals to hand-print your logo or design from an actual screen onto the clothing item. It’s a popular process for t-shirt designs, and you’ve probably seen a few graphic tees in shops that have used screen printing. Here’s some more information:


  • It’s versatile. While embroidery can only be done on sewable fabrics, screen printing can be done on virtually any material. From t-shirts to tote bags to coffee mugs, screen printing can put your logo on a ton of items that will help get your brand name out there.
  • It’s affordable. Screen printing is a great option for larger orders and designs because it costs much less. In fact, because the process and time is about the same regardless of the size, you’ll get more bang for your buck with a larger logo!


  • It can take a long time. Screen printing is a bit more of a complicated process than embroidery is. Depending on how many colors are involved, it could take a lot longer to create your perfect design than it would be to just put everything down in thread.
  • It doesn’t work for everything. So there are some materials that don’t work as well for screen printing. Fuzzy or thick fabrics like those used for fleecy jackets or towels don’t allow the ink to stay on smoothly, so embroidery is probably best if you want to use these items.


Branding Apparel can be great for a variety of occasions such as job fairs, trade shows, or making sure your team looks official at all times. Embroidery and screen printing are both very good options for a variety of projects. Once you decide what the item is that you want to put your logo or design onto, you’ll be able to better decide which method to choose.For more information about NE Design’s custom design screen printing, embroidery services, branding, t-shirts, and apparel services, or for answers to general questions please contact us, or call us directly at (617) 247 2028!

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